Welcome To Our Ambassador Program!

We are proud to announce our new ambassador program, where Woofigo Ambassadors can earn rewards by completing simple offers. This program is to support our ambassadors by providing them the ability to earn points on our platform, and those points can be redeemed as Cash, Gift Cards and even products.

This program is 100% Free to join, anyone can simply signup/register for that program and can start earning points right away. We have many offers available from different advertisers who are supporting Woofigo.com and their ambassadors. Here’s how this program works:

  1. Login/Signup to Ambassador Portal
  2. You will see a variety of offers, such as Surveys, Gift Cards, Games, Mobile Apps etc.
  3. Select any offer you like and complete, for each offers you complete you will receive the points, those points will be added to your accounts.
  4. Once you reach our minimum payment requirement, you can redeem those points as cash, gift cards and products.

To be eligible for this program:

  1. You should be passionate about our brand/products.
  2. We are looking for someone who loves dogs.
  3. You should be active on social media or on our ambassador platform.
  4. Share our program with your friends and family.


Is This Program Really Free?

Yes, this program is free to join, will not cost you anything, except your time.

Can We Earn Money With This Program?

Yes, you can earn points with this program, the points can be redeemed as Cash.

Is This Global or Just For USA?

We are accepting ambassadors from worldwide, anyone can join our program.

What Payment Methods Are Available?

The following payment methods are available and you can redeem your points as:

  1. PayPal
  2. Payoneer
  3. Wire Transfer
  4. Amazon Gift Cards

You can also order any product with your points from the top online retailers.

What Is The Minimum Payout?

The minimum payout is:

1000 points = $10

100 points = $1

What Is The Payout Duration?

All new accounts are scheduled on Net45, it means that you will receive your earning after 45 days. We will be decreasing your NET each month, eg:

  1. New Ambassadors- Net45 For Few Months
  2. Silver Ambassadors – NET35
  3. Gold Ambassadors – NET25
  4. Platinum Ambassadors – NET15

A. Silver Ambassadors: 1000 Points Earned

B. Gold Ambassadors: 5000 Points Earned

C. Platinum Ambassadors: 10000 Points Earned

How Many Offers Can We Complete In A Day?

Sky is the limit, it’s really up to you, we don’t have any minimum offer requirement at the moment.

Can We Create Multiple Accounts?

You are not allowed to create multiple accounts by any way, we allow one account per IP, if you try to create multiple accounts, all of your accounts will be suspended without without notice…

Can We Use VPN/Proxies To Complete Offers?

We don’t allow VPN/Proxies and we have a very strict policy for VPN. Our system will detect that you are using VPN/Proxy and your account will be suspended.

Also, we check the accounts on a daily basis and we can detect the suspicious activity.